About Serenity Well

My journey as a partner of a sex addict begain in 1997.  One fateful afternoon my life would forever change when I chanced upon a customer in my cafe.  I would fall crazy in love and inspite of dozens of red flags I would go on to marry him and spend the next 30 years hoping he would change. Some where in the muddle of this I would come to realise that the only way to survive and thrive in this life would be to find recovery for myself.  This gave rise to Serenity Well, a place where I hope to share my recovery journey with you.  A place where you can make your own discoveries about how to make some sense of it all

While I am a proponent of therapy, I also believe that the feelings of betrayal, shock, confusion, injustice, fear, anger and more can be better heard and understood by someone who has been through what we have.  Through support and guided recovery, I hope to help you to regain your identity and make informed choices and decision regarding the future.

I hope these pages will be a source of comfort and knowledge and help you to reach out so you don’t have to travel alone.

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